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Mission Statement

“ We believe in quality and service. We believe that you as a client, should be able to rely fully on the professional ability of your cleaning Contractor.

Your organisation is as important to us as it is to you.

We believe that Britannia as your appointed Cleaning Contractor should take full ownership and responsibility for the Cleaning and Maintenance of your buildings, leaving you as a client free to concentrate your time fully on your core business where you actually generate your income.

We have made a promise to ourselves not to compromise and never put our name to poor standards, we never have or ever will. We are confident in our quality and reliability.

We want you to be confident in promoting your Companies professional Image to the world by choosing the services of Britannia Services Group we will ensure it is a clean one. Britannia Services Group is quality and service you can trust. That is our guarantee to you.”

CEO Britannia Services Group