Corporate Responsibility Statement

Corporate ResponsibilityBritannia Services Group are committed at all times to

Our Customers

Putting clients at the heart of everything we do by ensuring that clients are treated fairly and that we provide the high levels of service expected of us. Examples of this would be our low client turnover rate, often working with clients for over 10 years and helping them save money at every level of FM.

Our People

Giving our People the opportunity to work in an environment that values innovation, integrity and professionalism, rewards success and encourages responsibility and accountability. Examples of this are our Bics training courses offered to everyone, our flat management structure that allows people at any level to get promoted through the business.

Our Community

Using our skills and resources to drive a positive social impact for the benefit of the wider community and support and encourage employee involvement in charitable activities. Examples of this are our charity work with variety club to the employee rewards we offer.

Our Environment

Having regard for our Environment, ensuring we use resources wisely and efficiently to lessen our own impact and encourage awareness in others wherever. Examples of this are the use of concentrated chemicals which lessen transport costs to the use of electric/hybrid vehicles for our area managers.


Individuals with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of the way Britannia works. We want to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people, regardless of their background and make best use of their talents.

We seek to develop a work environment where we treat all employees as individuals, fairly and in a consistent way. We work within the spirit and the practice of the Equality Act 2010 by promoting a culture of respect and dignity and actively challenging discrimination, should it ever arise. We will remove unnecessary barriers for our employees seeking opportunities through training , development,

  • Britannia are an equal opportunities employer and currently employ staff from over 25 + different countries and cultures from around the world.
  • Market leading gender pay gap of just 7%.
  • Staff handbook produced in both English & Spanish.